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barbu-liviu-personal-development-psychologyI`m a graphic designer, photographer, webdesigner , 3d artist and visual effect artist. I am a founding director and designer at Kenji Design, one of Romania modern creative agencies for 2 years, an experience which was great fun and broadened my expertise immensely.  I like to use for my projects (but the list is much bigger) :

Adobe Photoshop – for raster images processing
Corel Draw and Ilustrator – for vectorial work
3DSMAX and VRAY – for 3d work
After Effect and Premier – for video processing
Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash  – for webdesign , i also use cms platforms like Joomla and Wordpress

I`m 24 year graphic artist. I start doing graphic design as a passion and has meanwhile become a way of life.

I like to do sport because i belive in a healty life which is not posible whitout sport. I also belive in power of man of being more than a material thing.

I’ve work in many great project, I had many projects and collaborations with companies in Romania and all the world. I worked with agencies from different areas of activity. This helped me to develop accuracy in determining priority issues that must be solved to obtain fast results.

“design is the process of giving form to an idea, design implies a conscious effort to create something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing”

“advertising evolve with humanity and gets more complex shapes with the coming generations, and the designer must be in continuous development and accuracy in the visual field feel trends”

                                                                                                                                                                              - Barbu Liviu